The Appleton Schools COVID-19 response documentation and relevent reources for parents.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice

  1. Stick to an active daily routine
    Keeping your mind active is important. Make a timetable and stick to it so that your days have structure and you know what you should be doing and when. Include time for school work AND rest and relaxation too!
  2. Communication and Staying Connected
    It’s good to talk and check-in with other people; we should talk about how we are feeling. Make use of online tools, the telephone and social media to communicate with friends, families or professionals.
  3. Healthy Body = Healthy Mind
    Mental health is linked to physical health. Try a home workout or some yoga, do a dance, or go for a run. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. A regular sleep pattern will help maintain your energy levels.
  4. Manage your news and media intake
    Take breaks from social media and the news. There is a lot of negative information and ‘fake news’ out there at the moment. Make sure you take a break from the screens and use only trusted news sources.
  5. Take part in activities you enjoy!
    Doing things we enjoy makes us feel good - simple! So watch a film, listen to music, play a game, read a book, listen to podcasts etc. Try something new or creative (maybe some drawing / painting), or learn a new hobby.
  6. Keep a diary or journal
    Keeping a diary or journal helps us maintain structure and reflect upon our feelings. Including a record of your work and activities will allow you to see how much you have achieved. You could set targets for the future too.
  7. Try meditation and relaxation
    This one might seem strange at first, but even some simple breathing exercises can help to calm us down and focus our minds. There are many apps and free YouTube channels, such as Headspace, that might help.
  8. Sometimes things go wrong
    This is completely normal - things do not always go to plan. Remember tomorrow is another day to try again. Focus on what has gone well and what you have achieved so far. Remember to seek help if you need it.
  9. Accept the situation
    It is important to accept that the current situation is outside of our control and that we are all playing our part during this unusual time. Focus on taking action on tasks that you can control and have ownership over.
  10. This will pass
    Things might seem difficult right now, but remember that this period will pass. One day we will reflect back on this time and remember how we got through it and supported each other; and we will be stronger for it!
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