Jubilee Rewards

To coincide and celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year The Appleton School has had a special commemorative badge commissioned for the occasion.

We are encouraging students to be awarded these badges through completing a task that would leave their mark on the school/wider community. We would like students to complete activities that would allow them to leave a legacy behind. Such as:

  • We would like students to raise money for a project of their choice for inside school (e.g. outside seating, a games table or raise money for the swimming pool).
  • Students that have been part of our Eco-Warrior project inside the school with planting 60 new trees on the site will be awarded.
  • Complete sponsored activities for charities.
  • Host an event for the community.
  • Raise money for a local community project.

We encourage all students to sign up to this award scheme to allow them to earn this exclusive summer term badge.