On Monday 17th October, a handful of Performing Arts and Dance students took part in a ZooNation Dance Workshop. ZooNation was founded by Kate Prince in 2002 and is best known for its groundbreaking storytelling and fusion of hip-hop styles. ZooNation well-known works include Into the Hoods, Mad Hatters Tea Party and Some like it hip-hop. Our students took part in a new workshop exploring repertoire from a brand-new performance piece, Message in a bottle.

Will Pascu, dancer and choreographer for ZooNation taught back-to-back sessions with our students focusing on the hard-hitting storyline of refugees and migrants fleeing civil war. Leaving destroyed homes and broken communities, the work follows real life stories of oppression, survival, and perilous journeys. The students explored two different repertoire pieces, developing their skills in styles such as House and Hip-Hop, complimented by the soundtrack of The Police and Sting.

An incredibly difficult, yet fun and rewarding workshop. I am extremely proud of how keen all students were to take on such a wonderful challenge and rise to such an exciting opportunity.