In Years 7 and 8, students experience a broad and balanced curriculum, meeting the needs of all students. They will experience lessons in the following subjects:

English Mathematics Science French or German History Geography Religious Studies Physical Education Art Music Computing Business CPSHEE Technology

In Year 9, students are able to make decisions on elements of their curriculum. All students will still experience lessons in:

English Mathematics Combined or Triple Science Religious Studies Physical Education CPSHEE Computing

Students are able to select four option choices. All students have the opportunity to select at least three subjects that meet the EBACC requirements of the National Curriculum.

In Year 10, all students will continue to study the following subjects:

English Mathematics Science Physical Education CPSHEE ICT/Computing Religious Studies

They will also continue with the four option choices selected and studied in Year 9.

Currently in Year 11 students are studying:

English Mathematics Science Physical Education CPSHEE ICT Religious Studies

Students may have the opportunity to select an additional option choice in Year 11, enabling them to achieve a minimum of 9 GCSEs by the end of Year 11.

Post 16 In Year 12, students can select from the following blocks. Vocational courses in Business, Performing Arts and Sports Science are available. Combinations of AS levels and BTECs are possible for Business & Performing Arts. Most students study options in 4 blocks. A student choosing BTEC Sport Science would have to choose it in all four blocks.

Note the table below is an alphabetical list and not representative of blocks etc.

A Levels
English Language Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computer Science Drama Economics Law English Literature French Geography German Govt. & Politics History Sociology Mathematics Further Mathematics PE Philosophy & Ethics Physics Psychology

BTEC Subjects
Business Performing Arts Sport Cambridge Technicals IT

Most students study 4 A Levels in Year 12 and continue with three of them in Year 13. The BTEC is a two course and is equivalent to 3 A Levels in BTEC Sports Science, 2 A Levels in Performing Arts and 1 A-Level in Business & ICT.

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Year 8 Options Booklet A 2017

Year 8 Options Booklet B 2017

For a full list of subjects on offer at Key Stage 4, please click here.