Rewarding Excellence

At The Appleton School we have been delighted with how hard our students have been working during the remote learning period, and we are incredibly proud of how resilient and adaptable our school community was in transitioning to online learning.
To reward the efforts of our students, we have:

  • continued to log achievement points on the school system;
  • sent out over 800 positive letters home to students with excellent attendance and engagement levels;
  • used technology, such as MOTE, to leave students positive feedback on their work;
  • shared e-certificates with students who have entered extra-curricular competitions and challenges, spanning across multiple subject areas and also encompassing wellbeing challenges, for example our “Walk to Japan”;
  • awarded close to 300 certificates to students for their hard work and for demonstrating resilience, as well as excellent, effort during their live Teams lessons;
  • awarded certificates to students for taking part in inter-form competitions
  • and awarded the Appleton School’s “character badge” to several students for demonstrating kindness and honesty during these difficult times.
  • In addition, the Jack Petchey Award ceremony took place on the 8th of March 2021 to recognise outstanding achievement for nine Appleton students.

Incredible Resilience Awards

Many of our students have been fantastic role models and ambassadors for the school despite the challenges that they have faced during lockdown. If you would like to nominate one of our students for an “incredible resilience” award, you can do so by completing the form below:

The Appleton School Character Badge Award Nomination Form
*Please note that nominations will close on 31st March and that nominees will then be shortlisted.

Jack Petchey Community Awards

The Jack Petchey Community Awards is a programme designed to recognise how young people are helping their communities during the lockdown, and to give them a well-deserved ‘thank you’.
Members of the public are invited to nominate a young person who is helping others in the lockdown to receive a Community Award. You must be 18 to nominate a young person or group, and the nominee(s) must be aged between 11 and 25, and be from London or Essex. To nominate an Appleton student for the award, please use the link below:

Jack Petchey’s Community Awards