Key Stage 4 Options

Year 10 Options

Key Information:

In preparation for Year 11, students in Year 10 now need to select one further qualification they would like to study. This will be an intensive 1-year course, taught across 11 lessons a fortnight. Students have 2 weeks to make this decision; the deadline for option choices to be submitted is Friday 27th May.

Choices need to be submitted via EduLink on the ‘Forms’ section. Students and parents/ carers all have access to this platform. A first choice and reserve choice will need to be submitted and please note any late returns may result in students not gaining their first choice.

Options PowerPoints:

Each option subject has created a PowerPoint slide with audio to help support students further with their option choices. Staff talk through the key aspects of each course and give advice and further guidance, helping students to gain a better understanding of the courses on offer and which they would enjoy studying.

You can view the audio PowerPoints by clicking here. You will need to sign in to Google Drive with your school account. If you cannot see the videos you may be logged in with a personal account and will need to switch.

Options Booklet:

Please find here the options booklet, which includes detailed information about the options process, as well as qualification overviews and career advice.