Responsible Network Use Policy

Rules for Students

You have at your disposal, a network that provides an interactive learning environment. You have easy and direct access to an extremely large collection of information and a range of resources for educational purposes.

You must use this resource with respect. This Responsible Internet and Network Use statement will help to protect students, staff and the school by clearly stating what is acceptable and what is not.

  • Access must only be made via the user’s authorised account and password, which must not be given to any other person.
  • School computer and Internet use must be appropriate to the student’s education.
  • Copyright and intellectual property rights must be respected.
  • Users are responsible for e-mail they send and for contacts made.
  • E-mail should be written carefully and politely. As messages may be forwarded, e-mail is best regarded as public property.
  • Anonymous messages and chain letters must not be sent.
  • The use of public chat rooms is not allowed.
  • The school ICT systems may not be used for private purposes.
  • The security systems must not be compromised.
  • Students must ask permission to print and should not print directly from the Internet. Edit your findings first.
  • Never use the Network or Internet without the permission of the member of staff present.
  • Irresponsible use may result in the loss of Network and Internet access.
  • The anti-cyber bullying code of conduct must be followed.