Students produce artwork in response to set project themes which give them the opportunity to develop their drawing skills, explore and investigate a wide range of media, and study the work of artists and designers from other times and cultures. They are encouraged to respond visually, verbally and in written form, to the project themes. Students are taught to evaluate their own work and the work of other artists and designers, research information and develop their own ideas.


GCSE Art & Design is made up of two parts, which together give a student their final grade. The Personal Portfolio is worth 60% of the overall mark and consists of a series of themed assignments and a final examination project, which is worth 40%. Students respond to four assessment objectives, which require them to record observations and ideas, analyse their own and other's artwork, experiment with a range of media in the development of ideas and produce final outcomes.

The Department also offers Art Textile Design GCSE which respond to the same assessment objectives and requires the students to produce textiles-based final outcomes.


The Edexcel A-Level in Art and Design: Textile Design is a two year course which enables students to creatively explore the world of textile design and it's applications for fine art, fashion or interior design. Students complete two components to achive this award.

Component one, worth 60% of the qualification, consists of a Personal Investigation which is the practical element of the courseand an extended written study known as Personal Study. Through these two elements students are guided to fulfill all four Assessment Objectives. This will involve generating and developing ideas, researching primary and contextual resources, recording practical and written observations, experimenting with media and processes and refining ideas towards producing personal resolved outcomes.

Component two, which accounts for the final 40$ of the qualification, will be undertaken from February of year 13 and is assessed through an Externally Set Assignment. In this element, students will be given a preparatory period to produce a portfolio of practical and written development work, based on a starting point supplied by Edexcel. The course culminates in a 15 hour review period, under examination conditions of sustained focus in which students realise a final outcome in response to the externally set theme.

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