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Walter Daniel John Tull (1888 - 1918) was an English professional footballer and British-born black Army officer who was from Afro-Caribbean descent. He was born 28th April 1888 in Folkestone and died 25th March 1918 in Pas-de-Calais.
Walter started his football career at east London amateur side Clapton where he won the London Senior cup, the FA Amateur cup and the London Country Amateur cup. He was then invited to join Tottenham in the summer of 1909. This ended in him playing two full seasons for them before winning 100+ games for Northampton Town. Walter Tull is a very inspirational man to many people, young and old, as he was recognised as the first black officer to lead white British soldiers to battle. He was also one of England's first black football players to become successful. Although Walter was well known during his life, the news of his death was impacted only a little on others. His name deserves to be shown high up as he meant well for his country. He also ridiculed the barriers of ignorance that tried to deny people of colour equality with their contemporaries

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